AGM Separator

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AGM Separator

Our AGM separator product line can be customized to meet your requirements for plate width, plate insertion gap, and battery compression. Additionally, our products have low, medium, or high surface area to meet your battery design and application needs. We can also customize according to your specific needs, such as thickness, tensile strength, and puncture resistance.


  • Lead-acid battery, Motorcycle battery, Electric bicycle battery
  • Automatic start-stop battery , Electric vehicle battery
  • UPS battery power supply, Telecommunication and emergency lighting power supply
AGM APP-900900

Lead-acid battery

-Electric bicycle battery
-Motorcycle battery
AGM separator, filter material ,vip middle material ect. fiberglass products

Automatic start-stop battery

-Electric vehicle battery
-Automatic start-stop battery
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Emergency power station and energy storage battery

-UPS battery power supply -Telecommunication and emergency lighting power supply


Regular AGM separator:

High strength, good elasticity, low impurity content, low resistance, fast capillary acid absorption speed, and strong capillary acid absorption capacity. Good pressure retention ability to prevent electrolyte stratification.

High specific surface area AGM separator:

High specific surface area, good group pressure retention ability, high strength, small pore size, high porosity, low resistance, and good elasticity. Suitable for large current discharge, strong vibration resistance, good low-temperature performance, and good cycling performance.

Puncture-resistant AGM separator:

High strength, good elasticity, moderate pore size, strong capillary acid absorption capacity, low impurity content, and high puncture resistance strength. Strong ability to discharge large currents, anti-dendritic short circuit, and no electrolyte stratification.

Starting-type AGM separator:

Small pore size, high porosity, low resistance, good elasticity, and high strength. Suitable for rapid discharge of large currents, strong vibration resistance, and good starting performance.

Start-stop battery AGM separator:

High strength, moderate pore size, high porosity, low resistance, low impurity content, and high elongation rate. Low self-discharge, fast charge and discharge acceptance, good separator elasticity, strong protection of negative plate active material shedding ability, good fiber composite performance, and good air permeability of the electrode plate.


HUITONG Company will produce corresponding products based on our customers’ parameter requirements.

Due to significant differences in technical processes and product specifications among each customer, most of our products require personalized customization.

HUITONG Company specializes in the production of fiberglass AGM separators.


 we will produce corresponding products based on our customers' parameter requirements.

1 Density (g/m2/mm),

2 product thickness (mm)

3 tensile strength (KN/M)

4 moisture content (%), acid absorption height (mm/5min)

5 maximum pore size (um)and porosity (%).


These parameters will affect the price of the product, so please provide us with as much relevant information as possible.


More detail you could download HuiTong products catalogue