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AGM Pasting paper
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Pasting paper

Pasting papers are HUITONG’s specialty products that are non-reactive to chemical compounds in lead-acid batteries.

The pasting paper adds structural and mechanical strength to a lead battery plate assembly.



When use Pasting paper ?

Pasting papers are often used in conjunction with continuous casting and coating production lines for thin lead plates in battery manufacturing. Due to the fast speed and thinness of the pure lead thin plate battery continuous casting and coating production line, pasting papers can provide certain support and stability. Additionally, pasting papers have stable performance, high air permeability, do not decompose in battery acid, and possess very stable characteristics.


How does the use of pasting papers affect battery performance?

The use of pasting papers in battery manufacturing can have a significant impact on battery performance.

  • Pasting papers are used to adhere active material to the lead plates in a battery, and they can affect the battery’s capacity, cycle life, and self-discharge rate.
  • Pasting papers with high air permeability can help to improve the battery’s capacity by allowing the active material to penetrate deeper into the lead plate, which increases the surface area and improves contact between the active material and the lead plate. This results in a higher capacity and better performance.
  • Pasting papers that are stable and do not decompose in battery acid can help to improve the battery’s cycle life by preventing the active material from falling off the lead plate during charging and discharging cycles.
  • Pasting papers with low self-discharge rates can help to improve the battery’s shelf life by reducing the rate at which the battery loses its charge when not in use. This can be particularly important for batteries used in applications where they may sit unused for extended periods of time.

Overall, the use of high-quality pasting papers can help to improve battery performance and reliability, making them an important component in battery manufacturing.

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Pasting paper


AGM pasting paper is commonly used in both industrial and automotive applications Some of the applications they’re most commonly used in include:

  • Light passenger vehicles
  • Commercial truck batteries
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Backup power for UPS, data centers and the telecommunication network


HUITONG Company will produce corresponding products based on our customers’ parameter requirements.

Pasting paper parameter


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